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FLOOFI 4-Step Detachable Memory Foam Pet Stairs with Removable Washable Cover (Grey)

FLOOFI 4-Step Detachable Memory Foam Pet Stairs with Removable Washable Cover (Grey)

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Breathable and Comfortable Design: The dog ladder is crafted with a breathable and comfortable design, prioritizing your pet's well-being. The materials used allow for adequate airflow, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your furry friend as they climb or descend.

High Rebound for Supportive Climbing: Enjoy peace of mind as your dog navigates the ladder with the high-rebound feature. The ladder is designed to provide sufficient support, promoting stability and confidence for your pet during use. This feature is especially beneficial for older or smaller dogs that may need extra assistance.

Easy-to-Clean Construction: Cleaning up after your pet becomes a breeze with the easy-to-clean construction of the dog ladder. The materials are chosen with convenience in mind, allowing you to maintain a hygienic and tidy environment for your pet without the hassle of intricate cleaning procedures.

Wear Resistance for Longevity: The dog ladder is engineered for durability with wear-resistant materials. This feature ensures that the ladder maintains its structural integrity over time, even with regular use. The wear resistance contributes to the longevity of the product, making it a reliable and lasting solution for your pet's needs.

Sturdy Construction for Safe Usage: The dog ladder is built with a sturdy construction to prioritize the safety of your pet. The materials used are selected for their strength and resilience, providing a secure platform for your dog to climb or descend. This sturdy design enhances the overall safety and reliability of the dog ladder.

Package Content

1x Dog Ladder

  • Brand: FLOOFI

  • Color: Dark Grey

  • Product Dimension: 61 x 40 x 47cm

  • Product Weight: 1.7kg

  • Materials: Corduroy, Sponge

  • Packaging Dimension: 42 x 33 x18.5cm

  • Packaging Weight: 2kg

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