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Fish Tank Corner Moss Magnet Scraper Glass Algae Cleaner Magnetic Scrubber BROWN

Fish Tank Corner Moss Magnet Scraper Glass Algae Cleaner Magnetic Scrubber BROWN

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Minfactory Fish Tank Corner Moss Magnet Scraper Glass Algae Cleaner Magnetic Scrubber

Introducing the Fish Tank Corner Moss Scraper Magnetic Cleaner! This innovative cleaning tool is designed to make aquarium maintenance a breeze. It lessens the need for you to immerse your hands in dirty water.

Crafted from waterproof material, it effectively removes water stains and stubborn moss with the help of synthetic resin micro-projection technology. When you're done cleaning, simply rinse it with water, and it dries effortlessly, leaving no moss trapped in crevices.

What sets our Corner Moss Magnet apart from traditional cleaners is its ease of use. Unlike magnets that are hard to clean and tend to collect lint, this cleaner features powerful neodymium magnets that effortlessly tackle corners and stubborn moss, making your cleaning tasks a breeze.

This tool is designed to handle glass, low-iron, and acrylic fish tanks with thicknesses of up to 10 mm, making it the ideal choice for aquatic plant enthusiasts. The scraper is surrounded by a white film that acts as a cushion to prevent scratches in case of accidental drops, so please leave it on while using it. Additionally, the easy-grip handle, crafted from EVA material, ensures a comfortable and efficient cleaning experience.

With the Corner Moss Magnet, you can keep your aquarium crystal clear and your aquatic plants thriving. It's your trusted companion for maintaining a pristine underwater world. Don't wait; order yours today!

*Please note that the color of the round synthetic resin may vary as it is randomly selected during packaging.

Product Features:

  • Able to clean corners
  • Suitable on both glass, low iron, acrylic-made fish tanks (up to 10mm thickness)
  • Powerful neodymium magnet
  • Easy-grip durable EVA handle
  • User-friendly design
  • Smoothly and quickly
  • White film acts as a cushion to prevent scratches from accidental drops
  • Reusable synthetic resin, easy to remove stains on it

Product Included:

  • 1 x Corner Moss Magnet Scraper

Product Specification:


Brand: Minfactory
Country: Korea
Overall Dimension (L x H): 3.5cm x 5cm
Handle Material: EVA
Reusable Scraper Material: Synthetic resin

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